Training, Consulting, Mentoring in Global Mission

Mission Statement

Missions Resource Group is dedicated to advancing and resourcing the cause of world evangelization by providing training, consulting, and mentoring to the global Great Commission community.

Primary Focus

To add value to Great Commission Christians by resourcing through (1) training, (2) consulting, (3) mentoring/networking and (4) writing. This will be done through the world missions ministry of Grant and Janice McClung, together with voluntary associates who will serve as missions resource personnel.

Ministry Services

The activities and ministries that are projected in our Partnership Development Portfolio are an extension and continuation of the missions ministries we have resourced and led for more than thirty years of world missions involvement.

  1. Training – in seminaries, Bible Schools and missions training programs, in pastors and leaders conferences, and in local churches.

  2. Consulting – within and beyond our denomination in the evangelical and Pentecostal/Charismatic communities.

  3. Mentoring/Networking – among leaders in the Great Commission community (leaders, pastors, missionaries, trainers, and laity).

  4. Writing – a variety of Learning Resources for world missions.

For More Information:
Missions Resource Group
P.O. Box 3778
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