What Christian Leaders Say About
Azusa Street and Beyond: Missional Commentary
on the Global Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement

(Bridge-Logos Books 2012 Edition)

The Pentecostal/Charismatic movement has been a powerhouse for world missions. This excellent book tells how it got there ... and where it might be going.
      Stan Guthrie
      Author, Missions in the Third Millennium
      Editor-at-Large, Christianity Today

Anyone with a heart for world missions should read Azusa Street and Beyond. Readers will be challenged by the passion of outstanding Spirit-filled leaders who have given invaluable information and insights to the dynamic advancement of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement and its pursuit to fulfill the Great Commission.
      Prince Guneratnam, Chairman
      Pentecostal World Fellowship
      Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Grant McClung, a Church of God missions leader whose scholarship is widely-recognized outside his own denomination, has assembled a valuable collection of essays about the history, theology and future of Pentecostal missions. Azusa Street and Beyond identifies missions as essential to Pentecostal identity and challenges readers to better understand the implications of the movement's global growth.
      George O. Wood, General Superintendent - Assemblies of God U.S.A.
      Chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship

Grant McClung traces the steps of the Pentecostal movement in a methodical, scholarly, and inspirational style. He has brought together the thinking, writings, and forecasting of prominent and respected leaders of various Pentecostal denominations, groups, and agencies. With insights on the 'spontaneous strategy of the Spirit' plus a structure for planning and building for the future, his book will be a valuable addition to the library of every minister.
      Raymond F. Culpepper, General Overseer
      Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

Azusa Street and Beyond will continue to be a standard text among Pentecostals as we move further into a new century. Dr. McClung carefully researched the move of the Holy Spirit in modern times and now freshly articulates his discoveries and projects a brilliant future.
      Timothy M. Hill, Executive Director
      Division of World Evangelization
      Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)

I have been blessed by this book ever since seminary days. I have used it often, quoted from it, and am still blessed, stirred, and encouraged by its inspiring contents. I will look forward to reading the new update and to promoting it in every way possible.
      Randy Howard, General Overseer
      Church of God of Prophecy

With the perfect blend of scholarship and Pentecostal passion, Grant McClung has provided the Christian community an up-to-date analysis of God's work among Spirit-filled people. This work is a must read for those looking to the future with an understanding of the past.
      Doug Beacham, Executive Director of World Missions Ministries
      International Pentecostal Holiness Church

Azusa Street and Beyond is an invaluable resource for a Pentecostal missiologist. The book provides a historical yet relevant and Biblically-based guide to navigate the waters of many of the 21st century challenges in missions.
      Greg Mundis, Executive Director
      Assemblies of God World Missions

Grant McClung has presented the world with a masterful compilation of writings along with his insightful overview as a resourceful gift in the study of Pentecostal Missiology. His attention and understanding to historical perspective, current realities and future expectations for Holy Spirit empowered kingdom expansion is a must read and should ignite a fire in the heart of every believer.
      Mike Larkin, Directory of Foursquare Ignite
      The Foursquare Church

For a quarter century, Azusa Street and Beyond has been a durable classic, a pioneer publication in the field of Pentecostal missiology. It well deserves revised republication. I strongly support the reissuance of Grant McClung's significant book on Pentecostal missiology.
      Russell P. Spittler, Provost Emeritus
      Fuller Theological Seminary

Azusa Street and Beyond is an invaluable source for knowing the roots of this movement. Among textbooks having to do with Pentecostal missiology, this is one of the foundational works.
      Charles Van Engen, Professor of Biblical Theology of Missions at Fuller Seminary School of Intercultural Studies and President of Latin American Christian Ministries

This collection of essays-missiological gems-by some of the most knowledgeable and trusted scholars in the field has long been essential reading for anyone studying world Christianity. This new edition is even better, reminding us once again that vital Christianity wherever it is found is not about sociology, but about the Holy Spirit. I hope that this readable book will be read by emerging and veteran church and mission leaders around the world.
      Jonathan J. Bonk, Executive Director
      Overseas Ministries Study Center

Azusa Street and Beyond provides a one stop volume by which a wide variety of people can access the heart and soul of a global missionary movement that is at the heart of the Pentecostal tradition. To the inquirer or to the well-informed reader, this volume captures the essence of what made the 20th century "the Pentecostal century."
      Byron D. Klaus, President
      Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

From its inception, the Pentecostal Revival was all about global evangelism. As has been the case with all revivals, signs and wonders demonstrate God's presence in dramatic ways and compel both the skeptic and seeker to follow Him. Azusa Street and Beyond is a magnificent compilation of articles that provides a context in which to understand how the Pentecostal Revival became such a vast global revival that has permeated the global mission community.
      Kenneth D. Gill
      Associate Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College
      Director of the Evangelism and Missions Information Service (EMIS)

All knowledgeable observers agree: the fastest growing and most vibrant branch of Christianity today is represented in the worldwide Pentecostal movement and its Charismatic cousins. The insiders claim to be part of a spiritual awakening that liberates and empowers them by the Holy Spirit for the holy task of world evangelization, the practice of spiritual gifts, joyful living and spontaneous worship. This amazing book documents both the claims of the observers and the experience of the participants. The editor -- himself a proficient author, strategic practitioner, and globally recognized mission leader -- is to be congratulated for this new edition.
      Dr. Peter Kuzmic
      Distinguished Professor of World Missions and European Studies
      Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

This multi-author volume traces the historical footprints, exposes the theological dimensions, tackles strategic issues, and presents future horizons of the remarkable expansion of Pentecostal Christianity. The book makes an indispensable contribution to the study of global missiology.
      T.V. Thomas, Director of the Centre for Evangelism & World Mission
      Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
      Co-Chair, International Network of South Asian Diaspora Leaders

In his timely book, Grant McClung provides a valuable collection of essays in an accessible volume, exploring the robust growth experienced by the global Pentecostal movement. Azusa Street and Beyond is essential reading for those interested in what he calls, "... a revival raised up by God for world evangelization."
      Darrin J. Rodgers, Director
      Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center (Springfield, Missouri)

Not many books remain alive and meaningful for 25 years. That Azusa Street and Beyond is still widely read and quoted testifies to its uniqueness, readability, and value. Grant McClung's familiarity with his subject, his status as a global expert on Pentecostal missiology, and his periodic updating make this classic text a must-add to the library of those who want to understand the dynamics of Pentecostal/Charismatic missions.
      Bill George, Coordinator of Education/Publications
      Church of God World Missions

The Pentecostal/Charismatic movement has been the main catalyst to change the balance of world Christianity. Grant McClung serves Christians around the globe by providing facts and keen analysis concerning the happenings in Los Angeles more than one hundred years ago. To read this book is a must experience for all who want to know reasons for the explosion caused by the Holy Spirit. It is a welcomed and good tool for missionaries, Bible college teachers and students, and all believers as well as to all those who want to know about Pentecostalism.
      Arto Hamalainen, Chairman of Pentecostal European Mission
      Chairman, World Missions Commission of the Pentecostal World Fellowship

It is always a great resource to have two streams - Pentecostal theology and practice - combine into one river with a missiological viewpoint. Truly the growth of Pentecostals around the world has been a combination of both. Grant McClung's reflective thought is a contribution to all missiologists, regardless of theological background and practice.
      Brad Walz
      Chairman, World Assemblies of God Fellowship Missions Commission
      President, Assemblies of God Latin America Missions Network

This revision of Azusa Street and Beyond by Grant McClung will be welcomed by many. The compiler has retained most of the original essays, but added 12 new ones making this an important addition to the growing literature on Pentecostal Christianity in the 21st century. The article by Allan Anderson in particular focuses on Pentecostal origins and explosive growth beyond North America among the Poor of the Majority World.
      Roger E. Hedlund, Managing Editor
      Dharma Deepika: A South Asian Journal of Missiological Research
      Director of the Dictionary of South Asian Christianity Project at the Mylapore Institute for Indigenous Studies, Chennai, India.

The revised and updated version of Azusa Street and Beyond is a historically and theologically invaluable resource for non-Pentecostal or Charismatic readers.  It is also essential for those within the movement who are not fully aware of their history and journey. This volume, written by respected leaders of the movement, is arresting, inspirational, and missional. Grant McClung and the writing team have given a timely gift to the global church. Thank you for helping us understand the "roots and branches", the way of life, and the exciting Kingdom missions of our Pentecostal and Charismatic friends.  I highly recommend this book to the "people on the move!"
      Sadiri Joy Tira
      Senior Associate for Diasporas
      The Lausanne Movement
      Vice President for Diaspora Mission
      Advancing Indigenous Missions

It is timeous that the Pentecostal movement enjoy the benefit of some serious academic critique of its development, growth, and prospects for the future. This volume certainly achieves all of these goals and its contribution will be valued by scholars, students and informed readers. I have pleasure in adding my endorsement.
      Paul R. Alexander, Principal
      Mattersey Hall College and Graduate School, UK.

With Grant McClung's clear and informed style, the perspectives and insights of the other contributors combined with its useful structure, this book becomes an easy to read "library in a box" on the topic of the origins, development and future of the Pentecostal Movement and its missions thrust.
      Kev Hovey, Executive Director
      Global Training Ministries
      Sydney, Australia

This is an inspiring read for followers of Jesus of all theological persuasions. Men and women of Pentecostal and Charismatic perspective have much to teach us: joyful worship, abundant sowing of the gospel, simplicity of faith, and welcoming openness to the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. Grant McClung has caught the right balance between history and hope. You will be greatly encouraged and informed by this book.
      Floyd McClung
      All Nations
      Cape Town, South Africa

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