From the outset of the Lausanne movement, Pentecostals have been collaborative partners and participants. Because I have known the editors and many of the writers of this strategic new book as personal friends and missional colleagues for years, I applaud Together in One Mission as their bold initiative toward kingdom cooperation in world evangelization, both within and beyond the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement to the global Great Commission community.

     S. Douglas Birdsall, Executive Chair
     Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

Not only has Pentecostal global mission come of age—so has also the theological and missiological reflection by Pentecostals on their mission! This remarkable and groundbreaking collection of essays by leading “Progressive Pentecostals” from all around the world testifies to the vibrant and ever-widening vision of, solid commitment to, and passionate love for mission in words and deeds among the practitioners and academicians of the fastest-growing Christian movement in the world. This book is also a living testimony to the desire for unity and united collaboration among the diverse Pentecostal bodies on the global level.

     Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Professor of Systematic Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary and Docent of Ecumenics, University of Helsinki, Finland

Together in One Mission: Pentecostal Cooperation in World Evangelization is a comprehensive and engaging overview of the amazing move of the Holy Spirit through our Pentecostal brethren around the world. The diversity of perspectives and honest reflection makes this resource especially valuable. You will be challenged, inspired, and encouraged to explore new pathways of cooperative ministry in blessing the nations.

     Steve Moore, President, Missio Nexus
     Author of Who Is My Neighbor? Being a Good Samaritan in a Connected World

Together in One Mission represents a broad spectrum within the worldwide Pentecostal movement of leaders that have a heart for reaching the world with the gospel of Christ in a synergistic and cooperative manner. The remarkable growth of the Pentecostal movement over the past 100 years has positioned this movement to be a driving force in the ‘last days harvest’ that is being prepared by the unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I recommend a read of this work as a source of inspiration and a blueprint to work together with the Spirit to accomplish the mission of God.

     George Wood, Superintendent of the Assemblies of God USA
     Chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship

Grant McClung and Arto Hamalainen have produced a seminal work in the volume, Together in One Mission: Pentecostal Cooperation in World Evangelization. The list of contributors reads like a veritable “Who’s Who” among Pentecostal leaders and scholars, breathtaking in scope. The range of issues—Pentecostals and their relationship to Evangelicals, unreached peoples, collaborative mission, the unfinished task of world evangelism, all this and more, in addition to insightful case studies from diverse global perspectives, plus personal reflections that move to vision for the future—compels the examination of this extraordinary collection as an invaluable contribution to the dialogue regarding the future of the role of Pentecostals in world evangelism.

     P. Douglas Small, Project Pray
     International Coordinator of Prayer Ministries
     Church of God (Cleveland, TN)

This selection of essays is an important contribution to the growing body of serious scholarly and spiritual resources concerning the global Pentecostal movement and missions. Grant McClung's vast experience in this field is evident in the selection of writers and topics. Phillip Jenkins anticipates that by 2050 there will be over one billion Pentecostals/Charismatics on the planet. The Holy Spirit in these last days is using our movements beyond our wildest dreams to impact this globe. This book is a key resource as we move towards 2050 and the growing impact of Spirit-filled people around the world.

     Doug Beacham, General Superintendent
     International Pentecostal Holiness Church

Together in One Mission: Pentecostal Cooperation in World Evangelization will certainly further enhance the local, regional, and global partnerships of the Pentecostal community. But, perhaps, a more significant contribution will be the encouragement it will bring to a new or renewed global partnership between the Pentecostal, Charismatic, Evangelical, and fundamental Great Commission communities. From its very beginnings, Pentecostalism has been an interdenominational, trans-denominational, and trans-confessional movement. It has now impacted virtually every Church, regardless of doctrinal distinctives or differences. May this book contribute to a genuine cooperative partnership and missional unity of the global body of Christ!

     James C. Scott Jr., Director
     Foursquare Missions International

A treasure trove of compelling stories of successful Pentecostal cooperation, Together in One Mission gives us a glimpse of what can happen when we all work together to reach our world. This book also serves as an inspiring tutorial—a wonderful resource for those serious about fulfilling the Great Commission. “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world . . . and then the end will come (Matt. 24:14 NIV). May we all join the effort!

     Andrea Johnson, Editor, Message of the Open Bible.
     Editor, Servants of the Spirit: Portraits of Pentecostal/Charismatic Pioneers

This fine collection of essays reflects the growth and breadth of Pentecostalism in the world. The writers here dispel one of the nagging criticisms against Pentecostalism: that the movement is fragmented and sometimes even contentious. This important work will serve scholars, students, and readers around the world interested in understanding Pentecostalism's current state, and its power to unify and animate the body of Christ.

     Carlos Campo, President
     Regent University
     Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

This volume offers clear witness that 21st century Christianity is and will continue to grow as an international, Spirit-empowered expression of faith. Stereotypes and shallow observations about Pentecostals globally are replaced with the picture of a worldwide cadre of Spirit-empowered Kingdom servants passionately committed to the ongoing redemptive mission of Jesus Christ. Together in One Mission gathers the insights of notable world leaders who demonstrate the global nature of the Pentecostal movement and offer a rich single volume panorama of Pentecostal Cooperation in World Evangelization.

     Byron D. Klaus, President
     Assemblies of God Theological Seminary—Springfield, Missouri USA

Together in One Mission supports with solid research what we’ve all been told and hoped was true; namely, that God is on the move in and through global Pentecostal and Evangelical fervor. I give thanks to God that we live in the time where we witness the power and love of God poured out on such a massive scale throughout our world.

     Dr. Lon Allison, Executive Director
     Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College, USA

I am always excited to read how the Pentecostal Church is thriving under the powerful guidance of the Holy Spirit! It inspires, encourages, and moves me to pray for more and more of the Spirit’s leading. This book did the same. As a Gen-Xer who believes in the great power of a unified Church, I was greatly encouraged to read of God’s people, together, working in mission to bring the gospel in all its facets to the world. This is an excellent example of being on mission together.

     Laurie Fortunak Nichols, Managing Editor
     Evangelical Missions Quarterly
     Communications Coordinator
     Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College

This book brings an informed awareness of the historic struggles, current scholarship, and strong passion for world evangelization through its multiple global writers. I commend this book to anyone who, like me, is in need of throwing aside archaic stereotypes of these brothers and sisters and updating themselves on the current state of world Pentecostalism, especially in regards to global missions.

     Marvin J. Newell, Senior Vice President
     Missio Nexus

Many have been waiting for a book like this. It opens new horizons and focuses at the same time on the essence of the church’s mission. Essential background information and personal narratives address fundamental aspects of partnership development and provide a biblical vision for mission in tandem with unity.

     Jean-Daniel Plüss, Chairman
     European Pentecostal Charismatic Research Association

This resource has been long awaited! Edited and written by Pentecostal leaders, scholars, and reflective-practitioners, it is practical and helpful without losing scholarship. They join hands to erase the “misconception . . . that Pentecostals are prone towards divisiveness and isolation” (Editors Preface). This insightful volume will revitalize, invigorate, and unite the Global church for world evangelization and global missions.

     Sadiri Joy Tira, Senior Associate for Diasporas—The Lausanne Movement
     Vice-President for Diaspora Missions, Advancing Indigenous Mission

Pentecostal or Pentecostal-influenced Christianity is a dominant force in the church, especially the church in the Majority World. Together in One Mission: Pentecostal Cooperation in World Evangelization outlines where the Pentecostal movement came from and how it has grown from pockets of isolation to powers of cooperation. This book is must reading for any who want to be a part of the answer to Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17—that we Christians might be one . . . so that the world might know that God sent Him.

     Paul Borthwick, Senior Consultant
     Development Associates International
     Adjunct Professor of Global Christianity, Gordon College USA
     Author of How to Be a World-Class Christian

As far as I can see there are no other books like this, which present the Pentecostal movement and their aim to work together in winning the world for Christ. Together in One Mission demonstrates what can happen when Pentecostal denominations not only promote their own fellowship but decide to work together. It shows ways we may work together in evangelism, church planting, education, and training—providing examples of successful cooperation for the Kingdom of God.

     Oddvar Johansen, Area Director for Asia
     The Norwegian Pentecostal Mission (PYM)
     Advisor to the board of Pentecostal Asia Mission (PAM)

With intriguing personal accounts, enlightening case studies, and proven practical strategies of mission, this book is an indispensable resource for all those who are serious about fulfilling the Great Commission. The wide array of contributors reflects breadth and depth that is rarely seen. This is a new book with fresh insights for a new day in global mission!

     Tissa Weerasingha
     Senior Pastor, Calvary Church Sri Lanka
     Founder/President, Calvary International Ministries

“Together” is a key word in the mission of the church. Our credibility and the efficacy of our message hinge upon visible unity and practical collaboration. The history of the church is mixed, but it includes genuine relationships across national borders and true partnerships transcending denominational boundaries. These stories must be told, so that lessons will be learned, and cooperation can be encouraged. This is the essence of this important collection of reflections and case studies—an essential contribution to help us to pray, plan, and work together globally for the greater glory of God.

     Mats Tunehag
     Senior Associate for Business as Mission for the Lausanne Movement and the World
     Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission

Together in One Mission is unquestionably a groundbreaking work in theology of mission and praxis. The book breaks down stereotypes about Pentecostal segmentations and exposes readers to the Pentecostal passion for unity and cooperation in world missions. The case studies are scholarly stimulating, and personal reflections are contagiously inspiring. This is a must-read book for missiologists, missions executives, pastors, church leaders, and seminary students, whose commitment to God’s redemptive plan is waning and therefore needs uplifting!

     Tereso C. Casiño, Professor of Missiology & Intercultural Studies
     School of Divinity, Gardner-Webb University, North Carolina USA
     Executive Chair, North America Diaspora Educators Forum (Global Diaspora Network)

This book demonstrates that Pentecostals are able to be led by the Holy Spirit both in the area of ministry and reason as well. Together in One Mission provides excellent historical, cultural, and geographical analysis of missions. It appears to be a description of emerging mission strategies. As I read it, I came to the conclusion that the best days for mission activities are yet to come. A wonderful and challenging book!

     Marek Kaminski, Superintendent
     Pentecostal Church of Poland

Together in One Mission
reminds us that the true purpose of the coming of the Spirit is missions. When people of the Spirit choose to work together, fulfilling the Great Commission is possible. This book is a testament of that coming together of the people of the Spirit. With its broad cross-section of contributors, this is necessary reading for any missions course. Every Pentecostal seminary must have this book in its library.

     Tham-Wan Yee, President
     Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio, Philippines

Together in One Mission makes a significant contribution to world evangelization, detailing the team-work among Pentecostals to reach the lost. We have sometimes been viewed as fragmented but there is, however, a great move of cooperation among us that is greatly impacting the global harvest. I applaud Grant McClung and the writing team on this excellent new book!

     Timothy M. Hill, General Director
     Church of God World Missions
     (Cleveland, Tennessee)

Together in One Mission: Pentecostal Cooperation in World Evangelization expounds on this reality—that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of mission. He is the Person who unites believers to collaborate under the lordship of Jesus Christ in His Great Commission. This is an encouraging, wide-ranging collection of essays from diverse leaders around the world. It helps us see much more clearly the prominent role of the Pentecostal movement—since its birth in 1906—inside of the world Christian movement.

     Werner Mischke, Executive Vice President, Mission ONE
     Editor, The Beauty of Partnership Study Guide

Together in One Mission: Pentecostal Cooperation in World Evangelization is a timely and extensive library of information all in one book. The articles by numerous servants of God from several Pentecostal denominations, countries, and linguistic backgrounds make this publication a vivid and comprehensive source of information on the Pentecostal mission worldwide. This is a highly recommended book for those interested in the impact of the vibrant worldwide Pentecostal movement in reaching “every nation, tribe, people, and language” (Rev. 7:9) with the good news. Our Missions Program will utilize it in preparing Christians for mission!

     Jukka Tuovinen, Director of the Missions Program
     Iso Kirja College, Finland

Together in One Mission is a must read for educators and practitioners alike, who are passionate about global evangelism and strategic global partnering. This excellent book has value as a curriculum resource for future young leaders who are passionate to reach a hurting world and will fuel the fire that burns deep within them to go into all the world for Christ.

     Mike Larkin, Founder/President
     Foursquare Ignite Academy

Grant McClung is one of the people I trust for insights about the tremendous Pentecostal missionary movement. This volume sheds new light on a vital subject—cooperation for the cause of the gospel. Read it and rejoice!

     Stan Guthrie
     Christianity Today Editor at Large
     Author, Missions in the Third Millennium: 21 Key Trends for the 21st Century


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